As XAJSi , we are committed to advocating for the needs and interests of our fellow students, and to providing opportunities for personal and academic growth.


To represent, achieve, and preserve The common interest of the students equally among SU students.


To represent, empower, and serve the student community at SIMAD University through inclusive governance, fostering a vibrant and enriching educational environment.


To be a leading student government that champions student interests, promotes diversity, and drives positive change within the university community.

Welcome To XAJSi

The Student Government Association of SIMAD University shall be known as Xukuumada Ardayda Jaamacadda SIMAD (XAJSi) is a student-led organization that serves as the voice of the student . 

The XAJSi also serves as a platform for students to develop their leadership skills and gain valuable experience in organizing and managing events, working with others, and advocating for their peers.

We are the official governing body of the student community, dedicated to improving the student experience and advocating for the interests and concerns of our fellow students.

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